Facility Mapping Services for Your School or Business

Plan, Prepare, Practice - My Facility IncorporatedHave you shared critical facility and site information with emergency responders?

My Facility Inc. has one simple goal: Administration/Management and Emergency Responders will immediately have the information essential for effective management of a major critical incident. Confusion and /or delays in response can cause further exposure to danger and increased property damage. A crisis is not the time to gather life-saving information – it is the time to act upon the information assembled ahead of time.

Crisis planning may seem overwhelming. It takes time and effort, but it is manageable. My Facility Inc. can assist you in fulfilling your legal duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm.

Despite everyone’s best efforts at crisis prevention, it is a certainty that crises will continue to occur. Good planning will facilitate a rapid, coordinated, effective response when a crisis occurs. Being well prepared involves an investment of time and resources—but the potential to reduce injury and save lives is well worth the effort.

When a crisis occurs, emergency responders will immediately need a great deal of information about your site and facility. My Facility creates site maps that include information about rooms, hallways, and stairwells, the location of utility shut-offs, and potential staging sites. It is critical that emergency responders have this information in advance.

Mapping facility information aides in creating a work environment that supports or improves productivity which aligns with the ambitions, mission, core values and key objectives of most organizations. Our service also helps visualize, demonstrate and highlight the state of the facility and it’s needs.